If you were to throw together the best rock guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists in the early days of their career, it would resemble Frame 42. 


This group of artists has shocked their audiences with their natural talent and pure entertainment power. 


Frame 42 started in Lapeer, MI, under the direction of four-time Grammy nominee Deb Barber.  Their style has evolved from many genres, based on a foundation in classic and indie rock. Constantly evolving, Frame 42 respects the classic artistry of the past, while developing it into a new sound for the future. Their expanding set of original songs has been widely received by their growing fan base.  Many tied to the local music industry have credited them with one of the best live performances they have seen. 

All six band members of Frame 42 are from the Lapeer and surrounding areas in Michigan.

Vocals - Ava Morris  &  Arianna Smith

Bass - Brock Morris

Drums - Lucas Jacobs

Guitar Lead/Rhythm - Michael Farmer

Guitar Lead/Rhythm - Ben Dagleish

Keyboards - Ava Morris, Arianna Smith

As the community is facing a new set of restrictions to combat the increasing number Covid 19 cases, we have a number of recent gig dates that have been re-scheduled.  Please keep an eye on our Event calendar for updated information.  
November 2020 - Although our time on stage is being impacted by the C19 restrictions, we are still very hard at work in the studio working on our EP, including new originals that we are so excited to release soon.
8/31/20 - Check out our new video above of one of our performances broadcast
for this year's Arts, Beats & Eats virtual festival - The Beat Goes On...
You can also check out a video re-broadcast of one of our shows at The Diesel Concert Theatre, before the Covid shutdown.  On YouTube at the following link:
Many of our events have been re-scheduled for 2021.  We are handling each event on an individual basis.  Keep checking our calendar below for updated information.
                Email us or DM us on social media for advance tickets. 
Keep an eye on our Event Calendar. Frame 42 is looking forward to a busy 2021 season!  
Based in Lapeer, MI
Founded in 2016
Genre: #Rock 

"The most engaging, focused and energetic group of naturally talented artists that I have experienced."

- Brother Stone, The Brother Stone Show 

Frame 42 - SoundCloud Station

“The most impressive thing about Frame 42 is how talented the band is for such a young age.  Their live show was spot on and they made it look easy.”

-Mitch Diamond - Lead Singer with Yankee Sons


“Frame 42 is the can’t get enough, don’t stop now, just one more song type of band!”

-Andy Malburg


“Frame 42...a great up and coming band fronted by two female singers that sing so well together that it's almost angelic.  Now let's talk about the musicianship of the band.  These guys play like well-seasoned musicians that have been playing and performing forever.  They can easily share the stage with anyone.  The overall band is far beyond their peers and it shows.  If you haven't seen Frame 42 up close and personal, you need to while you still can because these kids, which are not over 18 years in age, have a very bright future for themselves and the Michigan music scene."


-Paul Smash - Smash Concerts

January 2020

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Frame 42.



Alyce Smith 

Phone: (810) 338-4100

Email:  alyce.arianna@gmail.com

Autumn Jacobs

Phone: (810) 625-6207

Email:  autumnjacobs@gmail.com

Dennis Farmer

Phone: (810) 614-7556

Email:  dfarmer4278@gmail.com


Please contact one of our representatives for questions or more information on Frame 42.

Craig Smith

Phone: (248) 496-3822

Email:  csmith.uhy@gmail.com

Kristen Farmer

Phone: (810) 614-7969

Email:  kfarmer42@gmail.com

Frame 42 is under the musical direction of 

Deb Barber



"Frame 42 is a high energy group with SO much talent, especially those vocal cords! They have been a huge hit for all of the events in which I have had the honor of working with them!  This group has a very bright future in the music world.  Their love for music is apparent when they perform and their audience can't help but join in the excitement!"

- Alicia McKay, The Oakley

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