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Lapeer, MI sons and daughter making some truly inspiring noise, FRAME 42 are ready to rock fans of melody, meaning and energetic performance.


The ticking of time keeps a steady pace, moving quickly especially when it comes to life, music, and trends throughout history. Every era is characterized by a feeling, a vibe that catapults us back to specific moments. Music can transport people back to an event from their past; evoking emotions that spark memories. 

Formed in 2017, Frame 42 is a 5-piece hard rock band that imbues the modern Gen Z mentality; offering vintage rock sensibilities with powerhouse melodies. The group represents the emerging voice of a Generation who are navigating the new normal

Frame 42 features Ava Morris (lead vocals), Michael greyson  (lead guitar), Brock Morris (bass), Ben Dalgleish (rhythm guitar) and Lucas Jacobs (drums). Ava, Michael, and Ben are 19 years old, and Brock and Lucas are 17 years old.


In 2019, legendary music producer, Toby Wright (Korn, Sevendust, Alice in Chains, KISS) took the group under his wing because he felt their talent was undeniable and deserved to be harnessed. "Frame 42 is one of the most talented bands I've ever had the pleasure to produce. Their musical abilities outshine their youth. Ava Morris is an exceptional talent.  Her voice rivals all of your favorite singers," says Producer, Toby Wright.


Hailing from Lapeer MI, the talented group is creating their own brand. They are working toward their collective passion for music and entertainment and taking control of their future while they're still in their teens.


“The band moves in unison. We make every decision as a team and are lucky to be able to do that,” says Ava Morris, who has been performing since she was a young child. “My grandmother had an upright piano in her living room that I loved to play when I would visit.”  That piano is an inspiration to me to keep moving forward. One of my main influences is The Beatles.  They are a driving force for me to stay focused on my songwriting,” explains Ava.


Each member brings their own unique perspective to the creative process. “Lucas brings funk, Brock brings metal and Michael brings hard rock. Ben evokes a southern folk vibe, and I bring folky lyrics with classic melodies,” explains lead singer, Ava.


"We write all of our original music as a group, and that’s how most of our songs come to life. The main thing that inspires me is to become better as a musician, to reach the level of the artists that have inspired me,” says guitarist, Michael.


“An important factor in the band's identity is that we function as a family. Instead of functioning like co-workers, we're all friends, so we are able to spend time together as best friends who love making music,” adds bassist, Brock and rhythm guitarist, Ben. “That is the key factor to us staying happy as a band, and it shows in the music as well. In order to consistently make music, we all have to be in a good place with each other and communicate like a family,” says drummer, Lucas.


Frame 42's debut single, "Thicker Than Blood" is based on relationships and how it feels when it ends. "It may be harder for one person to let go than the other. Love is definitely thicker than blood; you can lose somebody and still hold on to love," says Ava.


Their new album was recorded in December of 2022 at BigBlock Sound, a private studio in Linden, Michigan. It was produced and engineered by Toby Wright. The new single, "Thicker Than Blood" will be released in February of 2023. It will be followed by an EP release in May of 2023. 


Frame 42 has developed a large following in their home state of Michigan. They’re known for delivering power-packed live shows with impeccable rock n’ roll timing. Frame 42 produces organic and authentic rock music in a digital age.


As Generation Z comes of age, these fresh-faced young adults are changing the narrative on how to live happier, less stressful lives by doing things differently from their predecessors. Working 9 to 5, chained to a desk is a thing of the past and Gen Z is pushing that forward as we approach the next level of the digital age.


The group represents an emerging voice of a new generation who are learning how to navigate the new world, paving the way toward creative fulfillment, success, and good mental health. As time keeps slippin’ into the future, Frame 42 is hard at work representing the next generation of musicianship, work ethic and comradery.

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