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Who We Are...

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Ava Morris

Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Song Writing

Lapeer, Michigan


Ava’s musical skills have evolved from a young age. With guitar in hand, she performed at her
first cafe in fifth grade. With the ability to play several instruments, Ava concentrates her skill
growth on piano, guitar, and vocals. Her music taste is broad and diverse. Baby Beatles
symphonic lullabies filled her bedroom as an infant, with every genre of music following her
journey after. Folksongs and classic rock are what she favors as her go-to music. Some of her biggest influences are The Beatles, Paul Simon, and Janis Joplin. Ava loves to write and arrange music as a creative outlet. She likes to escape her hectic schedule by painting, hunting for cool rocks, and collecting houseplants,  though she has yet to master the art of a green thumb!


Ben Dalgleish
Lead guitar/Rhythm guitar

Lapeer, Michigan

Rockin’ the rhythm guitar for Frame 42 is Ben D. Idolizing both metal and classic rock music from Metallica to Jimi Hendrix, Ben naturally fell in love with the six string, striving to reach the levels of his role models. Joining the band in 2018, Ben brings his more bluesy rock style to the music of Frame 42, incorporating the style of his idols while developing his own special something at the same time.


Besides playing the music he loves and jamming with his favorite people, Ben prefers chilling out, usually with his band mates or relaxing with a line in the water.


Lucas Jacobs

Drums & Percussion/Keyboards

Davison, Michigan


Lucas has always had a passion for music.  Lucas started taking drum lessons with Grammy Nominee Deb Barber, and joined her junior drumline at age 8.


Over the years, Lucas has evolved into an admired drummer known for his back beat, natural instinct and feel for the music.

Lucas is drawn to funk and blues music, his go to favorites are Anderson Paak, Hall and Oates and The Main Squeeze.

When Lucas isn’t drumming or creating a beat, he enjoys playing a round of golf, working out at the gym or chilling with his friends.

Fun fact; Lucas has a sultry voice; it's a hidden gem that only comes out on rare occasions. 


Michael Farmer

Lead guitar/Rhythm guitar/Acoustic guitar

Metamora, Michigan


Music had always peaked Michael’s interest, more than anything else. The ability to express oneself through soundscapes instead of words was the most appealing feature. Before Michael even began to play guitar, music was something that never failed to entertain or astound him. So the thought emerged: Why not learn how to create it? He started at the beginning and consistently his passion grew. Eventually he was lucky enough to be surrounded by great musicians that would help him grow both musically and as a person. The journey with those musicians has been incredible and he hopes that it will continue and get even better. 


Brock Morris

Bass Guitar, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Song Writing

Lapeer, Michigan


Brock plays both bass and electric guitar. You can usually find him with earphones on and a
coffee at hand creating new riffs, songs, and tones. Brock also applies his love of all things
technical to growing his skills in guitar repair, fabrication, and modification; tearing down and rebuilding fuels his passion. His musical influences come from the greats…Eddie Van Halen, Geddy Lee, James Hetfield, and Cliff Burton. He escapes in the complexity of their music and the challenge to keep his skills progressing. In his spare time, Brock loves to drive anything with wheels and will discuss cars fanatically with anyone who will engage. He is quick to communicate through quoting movie lines, loves visiting vintage guitar stores, and is obsessed
with following caracal cats on Instagram.

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