Who We Are...


Ava Morris

Lead vocals/Backup vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Song writing


Lapeer, Michigan

Ava started playing instruments and launched her singing career at the tender age of two.  Documented in many videos of Ava giving concerts for her family, she played the piano and sang in her Grandma’s living room, even taking requests!  A major turning point in her musical career occurred when her parents bought her a pink guitar at a school auction.  Eager to take her music to the next level, she then started her lessons with Deb Barber.  Along the likes of  other young artists, she also began her journey into songwriting.  She took advantage of any opportunity to perform, including church musicals, school events, and school band, in addition to piano, guitar and vocal lessons.  She also plays the ukulele, and not one to slow down is also improving her skills on the drums and violin. 

“What I love about music is the ability to express myself and fulfill my passion.  It is always a good feeling when you are passionate about something that also makes other people feel good!”

Arianna Smith

Lead vocals/Backup vocals/Acoustic guitar/Song writing


Lapeer, Michigan


Music first peaked my interest when my family and I went on a road trip to Tennessee and the only CD we had was ELO’s greatest hits.  The song “Don’t Bring Me Down” was the first piece that interested me. Even today it brings back memories and especially the memories of where I first knew this is what I wanted to do.  I started out doing small recitals in school where I sang  and the first song I sang was “Lean On Me”.  Just a few songs that are near and dear to me.   Now at almost 18 my biggest role model is and always will be Stevie Nicks.  I’ve always looked up to her but as I’ve grown up, I see the true connection I have with her spiritual being.  I always keep a piece of her close to me, she’s a reminder to keep going and push my limits.

    Arianna started taking lessons with Deb Barber at the age of 12.  It was at that time that Arianna also began to expand her songwriting skills.

“If I were to perform with anyone, it would 100% be Stevie Nicks.  Her style and stage presence is just so capturing.  That’s the effect I would like to have on my audience.”

Ben Dalgleish
Lead guitar/Rhythm guitar

Lapeer, Michigan

The first time I played a guitar, I was about 10 years old but I got bored and quickly lost interest.  It wasn't until I was about 12 years old and I  went to an Iron Maiden concert that ignited a real passion.  It was then I decided to put in the hours to become just like them and wanted to perform in front sold out shows.  


Ben's been rocking out with Frame 42 since the Fall of 2018.  He started out on Rhythm guitar and is now adding Lead guitar into the mix.  He's a great asset to the band for sure!

"If I  were to perform with anyone, it would be Metallica.  They have insane energy and to be able to play along side with them would be amazing."

Lucas Jacobs

Drums & Percussion/Keyboards


Davison, Michigan


For his 3rd birthday Lucas received a small electric guitar. 

He played it until his fingers bled. He constantly said he liked the “music to be fast!  (Which his family learned actually meant loud).  Thus, the drums...

Lucas has been playing drums with Deb Barber since the age of 8.  With singing and keeping beat to just about any genre of music, it was an obvious choice.    Lucas also plays trumpet, tuba, baritone and will soon embark on learning to play the bass guitar.  Lucas is the youngest member of Frame 42, but do not be fooled by his age.  His natural skill surpasses what many would expect from performers many years his senior.

 “If I could perform with anyone, it would be Stevie Wonder because of the energy and good vibes that his music gives.  I love being in Frame 42 because of the friendships that have developed, the support from family and friends, and an instructor that would drive us around the world…to play a few songs!”

Michael Farmer

Lead guitar/Rhythm guitar/Acoustic guitar


Metamora, Michigan


When Michael was about 11, he received a beat up fender Stratocaster from his uncle for Christmas. It was one of the greatest gifts he has ever received, because that’s what started his journey, his journey for success. After a year of playing, something was missing and that’s when he met Deb Barber, his musical shepherd. She guides him to reach his full potential every day. It started with learning covers, joining a band, and now writing his own material. Michael hopes to be an influential guitarist, by writing new and exciting music for Frame 42 for all to hear. Frame 42 is his rock, and he’s ready for any challenge that comes his way.

  But being true to his first passion, the guitar, his goal is to someday get picked up by a guitar sponsor.

.“I always wanted to come together with other people, so that we could share our music with others.  Being in Frame 42 has given us the opportunity to do that on so many levels.  As far as the future…it would be cool if a music career could eventually enable me to start an international organization that would help animals who are either abused or in need. #rockfortheanimals”

Brock Morris

Bass guitar


Lapeer, Michigan

Between school band and lessons at DB’s LIVE, Brock has been playing instruments since fourth grade.  At age 12, his interest peaked and he began taking weekly guitar lessons.  Brock plays both bass and electric guitar.  His musical influences come from Eddie Van Halen, Geddy Lee, James Hetfield, and Cliff Burton.  He likes the complexity of their music and the challenge to learn.

“Life is short, play bass!”